Doctor examing eyes Do you remember the last time you had a comprehensive eye exam? Yearly eye exams are important for everyone. This is because eye exams check for more than just visual acuity. They also check for common eye diseases, like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration as well as complications from systemic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and auto immune conditions.

Benefits of Eye Exams

Adults, children and senior citizens all need yearly eye exams. Individuals with chronic health problems, like high blood pressure and diabetes, may need eye exams more often.

  • Measure refractive errors early
  • Diagnose diseases early
  • Examine for common eye diseases and systemic complications

Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

At Gallup Eye Group, a comprehensive eye exam involves testing your visual acuity and checking for common eye diseases. We also watch for specific eye related complications from systemic disease. Our office utilizes modern technology, diagnostic equipment, and special testing to offer the highest quality eye exam.

Measuring refractive errors

During pretesting with our technicians, detailed measurements of refractive status and eye shape will be taken. Once you are in the exam room, we will test your visual acuity using an eye chart. Our providers will then measure any prescription you may need to see your best. We will review our findings and provide a copy of finalized prescriptions. Contact lens prescriptions are a separate procedure and more can be found on that under the contact lens tab.

Ancillary testing

Children and individuals who have never been tested for color deficiencies may undergo a color test. Fine depth perception may also be tested. In addition, pupillary function, eye movement, and peripheral vision may be assessed to give our providers further information about your eye health.

Eye dilation and Wide field photos

It is the goal of Gallup Eye Group to provide the most comprehensive and technologically advanced care available to our patients. Therefore, our clinic offers wide-field screening photographs of the inside of the eye, scans indicating optic nerve and macular health, or both.

Why are photos and scans helpful?

1. We have a baseline for comparison should your eye health change.

2. Subtle changes indicating early eye disease onset may be detected sooner.

3. Those with a family history of macular degeneration or glaucoma can be monitored more closely.

Eye diseases and conditions potentially detectable with dilation and retinal photos include:

  • Diabetes
  • Cell and nerve changes including MS, trauma, tumors/cancers, and other less common conditions
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Vessel changes that may indicate high BP or cholesterol


Dilation is still the clinical gold standard. Photos and scans supplement, but do not replace dilation. Dilation, photos, or both are required for all new patients wishing to establish care with our office. 

Eye Exam Scheduling

Children, adults and seniors should schedule yearly eye exams. Certain systemic or eye specific disease may require more frequent eye exams.

To schedule an appointment for your next eye exam, click "book appointment" or give our office a call or text today at (505) 339-2015.

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