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  • Comprehensive examinations

  • Pediatric examinations as young as 6 months old

  • Evaluation for ocular complications related to diseases such as:

    • Diabetes​

    • Hypertension

    • Autoimmune conditions

    • Cholesterol disorders

    • Allergies

  • Diagnosis and treatment of primary ocular diseases such as:

    • Glaucoma​

    • Macular degeneration

    • Dry eye syndrome

  • Special testing to follow eye disease when needed

  • Urgent eye visits

  • Emergency visits for sudden problems or injuries

  • Evaluations for surgical referrals

  • Evaluations requested by MVD and employers

  • Soft contact lenses for:

    • Near and far sightedness​

    • Astigmatism

    • Multifocal (distance and near)

  • Gas Permeable (hard) lenses for:

    • Those who prefer them​

    • When medically necessary for :

      • Corneal diseases such as keratoconus

      • Post corneal surgery complications

  • Adult and pediatric prescription glasses

  • Adult and pediatric prescription and nonprescription sunglasses

  • Frame selection

  • No appointment is needed

  • Outside prescriptions accepted

  • Education on lens materials and features

  • Frame adjustments

  • Minor repairs ​

  • Same or next day glasses for eligible prescription ranges


Contact Lenses

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